Thursday, January 8, 2015

A dream: "How Gregor Mendel Got His Powers." [from 4 / 6 / 13]

I dreamed the way Gregor Mendel got his powers was by throwing himself through the castle's plate-glass windows (in a rain-storm).  Then, when he hit bottom: a man with a Ram's head explained his life's mission to him.

Then, also: I was a teacher, teaching this, showing a book on the overhead.  Then supposed to ask three questions: 1. What thing like this could happen to you?  (How might you die?)   2. Who would appear to you?  3. What would your mission in life be ?

Then, the funny thing, too: that Gregor Mendel doesn't really have powers.  He's the guy who studied pea pods [genetics, dominant & recessive).  But I'm writing a novel right now--about Hoboes with super-powers.  So, that makes sense.

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