Thursday, January 8, 2015

On the Nature of Candy: Why I don't like it as much as I used to [1 / 19 / 13].

I used to love candy ! -- but, as I get older: some of it (Pez) tastes like _powder_.  Jelly beans and gummy bears taste like _plastic_.

And no candy can beat raspberries / blueberries by Mother Nature... (or a watermelon)

But I still love chocolate !  (But, like, has to be: Symphony or Cadbury.)

And p.s. I don't think  b/c losing sense of smell, either.  (Probably mostly b/c more health conscious, and if stop eating something, your body stops craving it.)

But, if I'm going to the movies--that's a different story.  Can sit there, chomp and chomp.  (Same thing: if I'm eating pizza, then I want root beer, but otherwise: don't care about soda pop.)

I haven't liked brownies or cake for a long time, either.  Still cheese-cake and maple-bars (once in a while).

Mostly, I mean to say: funny, how your tastes change, huh ?

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