Thursday, January 8, 2015

Where I got the idea for Hoboe Orphan Novel [from 11 / 7 / 13]

# 0. Actually, maybe can't pinpoint exactly when came together--but a few dominoes !

A. I was just sitting around one day, thinking--w/ Harry Potter, Series of Unfortunate Events, etc.--"Why are they always stupid orphans?"

Then thought, "I should write my own.  Have, like, a...Home for Magical Hoboe Orphans."  B/c:

1. Of course, has to be magical, too.
2. Who would have orphans more than hoboes ?
3. Hoboes, in the abstract are funny--like on the Simpsons.  (But I know: not in real life.  Not making fun of anyone--you'll see.)

B. A long time ago, in high school... [I never liked UFO's.]...Thought up the phrase: "God put me here on earth, to be a Scarecrow-to-the-Aliens."  I liked the concept.

C. I think sometimes: "The trouble with writing Fantasy is: if a bunch of crazy stuff going on, how do you explain its effect on the real world?"
I like my stuff to co-exist with the real world.

So, eventually thought of a marble world super-imposed on the real world.  That way, a war could happen in secret--not freak out the norms.  (I like stuff super-imposed on other stuff.)

D. Then: I like the idea... "If this crazy war is going on...What if it's all a charade?  That the soldiers or agents don't even know they're being used."

So, needed to take a step back--some kind of puppet master, pulling strings.

E. And if there is such a character as "The Scarecrow-to-the-Aliens," what would he / she look like ?

Thought it would be fun if what they're doing: kind of secret.  People don't know exactly what they're doing.

I've been to a butterfly pavilion before. They're pretty cool.

& I like the idea of voodoo dolls.  Holding some little object--and it really affects a person.  So, why not butterflies ?

Anyhow / Sincerely !

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